Bitmex is a broker that offers Bitcoin and other crypto derivative products. It offers up to 100x on the BTCUSD pair. You can also trade BFX, ETH, ETC, LTC, LSk and A50!

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Simplefx is a CFD trading platform. You can trade crypto, equities, commodities, forex from 0 to 500x leverage. They also got a powerfull MT4 integration. You can trade in one click with the free software MT4 from your computer or even your mobile.

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1Broker is a CFD trading platform just like simplefx except that you can trade crypto, equities, commodities, forex from 0 to 200x leverage. They doesn’t have any mt4 integration but they have fixed spreads which can be very usefull.

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Okcoin is a big chinese exchange. You can trade their Bitcoin and Litecoin futures on 10x or 20x. Futures are financial contracts obligatins the buyer to purchase an amount of bitcoin or the seller to sell an amount of bitcoin at a predetermined future date and price. There is weely, biweekly and quaterly contracts avaible on Okcoin, they close on settlement.

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