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Classroom rules and introduction


We have gathered the best technical analysts, fundamental analysts, mindset/ risk management specialists, and microcap experts in the industry to share essential knowledge with you that will hopefully make you a better trader.

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Please don’t be shy and enjoy your stay, but while you are here, please be respectful and follow the rules. Everyone that is here to teach you is here for FREE, and we will tolerate zero bullshit.



– Please keep trolling to a minimum (yes, we said minimum).
– Please keep the memes dank.
– Please don’t talk just to talk. If you have questions, go ahead and ask.
– Don’t be afraid to contribute if you are capable.
– This is NOT a pump group. If you shill, you are banned.
– You are welcome to post your own charts to be critiqued.

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Thank you for being here! Crypto has given a lot to each and every one of us. We hope that it can give a lot to you as well. Remember to be patient and to be consistent with what you learn.

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