Whaleclub bitcoin forex trading group telegram

You can join us on the biggest altcoins trading telegram crypto chat group, create an account and join on the address http://coinfarm.whaleclub.io , don’t forget to share it!



Rules and introduction

Please set a Telegram avatar before speaking in the group.

This room is for mainly for altcoins talks

If you want to talk more specificly about bitcoin and bitcoin trading, please come in our biggest group here

If you want to trade on a reliable platform to buy your altcoins, we recommand Binance

If you are looking for trading advice, or want to learn how to trade, please visit our free classroom here

If you are looking for trusted trading exchanges or bitcoin margin trading, you can find them here

This is NOT a pump group.

Please keep trolling to a minimum (yes, we said minimum).

No spam, or shilling links are allowed. Don’t be rude and respect everyone else.

We are NOT affiliated with the Whaleclub.co trading exchange. We pre-date them as a community.

Whaleclub twitter account : https://twitter.com/btcWhaleclub

Cryptogroup General Terms of Service

01. Have a profile image (Avatar)
02. Have an @username
03. No spamming
04. No advertising
05. No referral links
06. No URL’s or phone numbers in names
07. No loans or lending platforms
08. No HYIP or MLM’s links of any kind
09. No Pump group links, of any kind
10. We will ban passive spammers, passive spammers are those who forward posts from pump groups.
11. Links must be on topic to the group
12. No buying/selling bitcoin or altcoins privately/OTC
13. No impersonation of any members or admins
14. Please be respectful to other members